Natural BeeKeeping Classes

Slow Food Asheville is a proud supporter of BEe Healing Apiary and The Center for Honeybee Research.  We are currently working on programs with both organizations to make “natural” bee keeping a nationally and internationally recognized way to raise bees.

First Class:

What: Natural Beekeeping Class for beginning and advance beekeepers.

When: Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2011; 6-9 PM

Where: Madison Co. Ag Office

Learn about Natural Beekeeping from the bees’ point of view. No harsh or soft chemicals, no sugar shakes, no beetle traps, etc. Learn how your bees can become resistant and why.
If there are enough beginners, we will go through the basics with a handout covering details about the hive, where to get equipment, pests and diseases (with pictures), and what to do
in the yard for the first year. If there is time and desire we go through installing nucs.

2nd Class:

What: Are Honeybees Like Humans?

When: Wednesday, Oct, 26, 2011, 6-9 PM

Where: Madison Co. Ag Office

Honeybees are more human than you may think. We will discuss what is required for a healthy bee and how it correlates with the human body. We will cover topics such as, nutrition, what
plants to put in the ground for you and your bees’ health, the autoimmune system, what the bees require throughout the year, and more.