Farmers Film on USA Today!

Hello friends, investors and advocates of the Farmers Film,
I’m so pleased to announce the Farmers Film project launch on!
(USAToday will also be providing supplementary print coverage as well. The editors there really like this project.)

I would like to take this opportunity in this first victory-lap to thank our filmmaking-farmers.  One look at their videos will tell you that these people don’t have lots of free time. We are very honored that they chose to take on this project. They are now completing their 20th and final week of filming. Many of you will have seen them on WLOS TV-13 this week; those 5:30 broadcasts continue through today. USAToday broadcasts will be live all month. To see the complete body of their work, please go to – you will see that they have been working hard, and filming a lot!

Thank you to the Organic Growers School, our fiscal sponsors, and especially to Meredith McKissick for her guidance and Karen Vizzina for accounting help. John Kennedy is the director and editor on this project and he did amazing work. Another thank you to our wonderful presenting sponsors, Carolina Farm Credit. This would not have been possible without their support.

Many individuals and businesses donated generously to this project with money, time, and advice. We are extremely grateful and we hope that you are as proud of the product as we are. We think that it has added another dimension to the very important local-food conversation that is happening nationwide.

I attach our latest press release for your reference, and below please find links to all of our sponsors, and to the websites of our farmers. As we enter the holiday season, consider supporting your local farmers and businesses in your gift purchasing! Meghan Cole is also taking subscribers for her 2013 CSA.

From here we will be making the footage into a short film, to take to UNCTV for consideration and also to enter into film festivals…. So you may be seeing these farmers again!

Thank you for all your support. And thank you again to our talented farmers!

Cinnamon Kennedy
The Farmers Film