Board Member Application

Questions about your involvement in local food communities:

  1. What is your daily relationship with food?
  2. What is your current work that you do within business or community as it relates to food?
  3. How are you presently involved in the local food community?
  4. Are you a producer or co-producer of local food?

Questions about your interests and skills as a Slow Food Board member

  1. Are you a current member of Slow Food USA and how long have you been a member?
  2. What aspect of Slow Food most interests you:  Events, FEAST cooking classes, heritage foods biodiversity, local food, community building, publicity, politics of food? Other? Why?
  3. Why do you want to be on the Slow Food Board?
  4. What expertise/skills do you have that would contribute to the work of the board?
  5. Please list any non-profits boards or committees you have served on or organizations you have worked with.
  6. What do you feel would be your contribution to our Slow Food Asheville organization?
  7. Time commitment – are you available at least 2 times a month to attend regular board meetings and events?